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Ajaccio is a port in southern Corsica, famous for being the city where Napoleon Bonaparte was born. Its name comes from the ancient Greek Agation (it means “good port”) for its favorable geographic position. Ajaccio was dominated by many populations, starting from Vandals, Langobardic; approximately in year 1000 came the Pisans and then the Genoese (following the authority of Bank of Saint George); the Genoese also built, in 1492, the fortified citadel. One beach next to the port of Ajaccio is the beach of Barbicaja, located next to the road of Sanguinarie. Its white, very thin sand, the crystal clear sea and the few rocks that lie on the sand make this beach a real heaven on earth. Port of Ajaccio departures and arrivals: Tolone and Nice. The sailing company operating from and to Ajaccio is Corsica-Sardinia Ferries.

Come raggiungere il porto di Ajaccio

By car: from north by T20 and exit to Ajaccio. From south by T40 and then T20. By plane: the port is approximately 7 km from the port; both buses and taxi available.

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