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Bonifacio is a French district situated in the south of Corsica, overlooking the Strict of Bonifacio, the part of sea dividing Corsica and Sardinia. The city lived two centuries under Tuscany’s dominance, then the Genoese took it, transforming it in a fortress. Genoa gave Bonifacio to France in 1768, with the signature of the Pact of Versailles. The city is built around the natural inlet, similar to a fjord; clinging on a white cliff, with the citadel protecting the old town, dominating over the sea and the port. Other than the old town, is also very famous for the calcareous crag straight on the sea. The port, mostly used for touristic purposes, grants daily connections with Sardinia. Port of Bonifacio departures and arrivals: Santa Teresa di Gallura. The sailing companies operating from and to Bonifacio are Moby Lines and Blu Navy.

Come raggiungere il porto di Bonifacio

By car: road T10, then follow signs to the port.

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