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Brindisi, door to the Far East, always had a strategic role thanks to the port overlooking the Adriatic sea. The city was heavily modified by the Greek influence; its name comes from the Greek word “Brentesion”, literally “head of deer” due to the shape of its natural port, amongst the legends of the city stands out the myth of the hero Diomede, the founder of the city. Brindisi offers wonderful cultural and panoramic paths, including the old port that surrounds the city, the Aragon castle, the Castello Grande (large castle) of Frederick II and the famous column at the end of the via Appia. Port of Brindisi departures and arrivals: Igoumenitsa, Patrasso, Corfù, Paxos, Cefalonia (Sami), Zante, Valona and Saranda. The sailing company operating from and to Brindisi are: Grimaldi Lines and Red Star Ferries.

Come raggiungere il porto di Brindisi

By car: from North Italy, by A14 and SS16, exit “Zona Industriale-Porto-Lecce”. Continue until the exit “Grecia-Porto” and continue to “Porto-Costa Morena”. From South by SS16, exit “Lecce-Zona Industriale-Porto”, following the signs to reach the port. By train: from Brindisi rail station there are complimentary shuttle buses to reach the port (approximately 15 minutes away from the station”. By plane: shuttle bus service or taxi from the airport Brindisi-Casala, approximately 6 kilometers far from the city center.

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