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Golfo Aranci

Golfo Aranci, in the region of Sassari, is part of the promontory Capo Figari; it has a characteristic shape, a strip of land, only few kilometers far from the more famous Olbia. Its land was home for many populations, such as Greeks, Phoenicians and Romans; proofs of their live in Golfo Aranci were found under the sea in Cala Moresca. In the recent past, the sea of Golfo Aranci, particularly rich of fish, was an incredible attraction for all the fishermen in Tyrrhenian Sea. Golfo Aranci is part of Costa Smeralda and is close to various touristic destinations, such as Porto Rotondo or Porto Cervo; thanks to this qualities, it is one of the most favorite destination of people from all over Europe. Port of Golfo Aranci departures and arrivals: Livorno, Porto Vecchio and Nice. The sailing company that travels to Golfo Aranci is Corsica Sardinia Ferries. 

Come raggiungere il porto di Golfo Aranci

By car: for whom comes from south of Sardinia (ex. Olbia) on the SP82 motorway, following indications to Golfo Aranci. From west or north on the road SP16. Golfo Aranci is the end of the line “Dorsale Sarda” Cagliari – Golfo Aranci. By airplane: the Olbia airport is approximately 20 kilometers from the port.

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