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Igoumenitsa is a city of Greece situated in the periphery of Epiro, characterized by Balkan type weather, with hot summers and cold and moist winters. The beautiful coastline where the city lies is famous for the soft sand of the beach and for the clean, jade-colored sea. In the surrounding of Igoumenitsa there are resorts loved by the tourists, such as Filiates, rich of panoramic highlights and Paramythis, traditional village famous for the proverbial hospitality of its inhabitants. Last, but not least, the island of Corfù and its fantastic beaches and the island of Paxi. Igoumenitsa is the third commercial port of Greece, after Pireo and Patrasso. Inaugurated in 2003, the port offers the possibility to dock up to 7 ferries at the same time and has a modern and functional terminal for passengers. Port of Igoumenitsa departures and arrivals: Ancona, Bari, Brindisi, Venice. Sailing companies operating from and to Igoumenitsa are: Grimaldi Lines, Minoan Lines, Anek Superfast.

Come raggiungere il porto di Igoumenitsa

By car: Igoumenitsa is reachable from Athens by E65 and E55. By plane: the closest airport is the one of Corfù-Giovanni Capodistria.

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