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Founded as Greek colony and named Zancle, Messina, thanks to the dimension and importance got during time, contended to Palermo the role of state capital of Sicily between the late Medioevo and the middle of XVII century. In 1908 an huge earthquake almost destroyed the city and drastically reduced the population, with an huge amount of victims – approximately 70,000. Messina is the port with the most passengers transiting in Italy. The strategical importance of its port is due to the sailing of the strict of Messina and the frequent ferries from and to Calabria; it is also important for goods transit from and to Italy. Port of Messina departures and arrivals: Salerno and Reggio Calabria (Villa S. Giovanni). The sailing companies operating sailings from and to Messina is Caronte & Tourist.

Come raggiungere il porto di Messina

By car: from Palermo, travelling on A20 the suggested exit is Messina Centro for departures towards Salerno and the exit Messina Boccetta for departures towards strict of Messina. By train: the railway station Messina Centrale is a couple of minutes far from the maritime station. By plane: the nearest airport is in Catania; unfortunately, reach it is not easy.

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