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Piombino is the second most important port of Tuscany, after Livorno. The city lies on the southern coast of Tuscany and its name comes from “Populino”, that means little Populonia, one of the district of Livorno, famous for being the site where ancient Etruscan tombs were found and for being the only Etruscan city on the sea. Piombino is considered the natural border between Ligurian sea and Tyrrhenian sea. The coastline extending towards Follonica has many beaches and is the home of Parco costiero della Sterpaia, a WWF oasis. One of the most important characteristic of Piombino is its uniqueness: it’s the only departure port to reach Elba Island. Port of Piombino departures and arrivals: Olbia, Bastia, Cavo, Isola di Pianosa and Rio Marina. Sailing companies operating from and to Piombino: Moby Lines to reach Sardinia and Elba Island, Corsica Ferries to reach Corsica and Elba Island; Toremar and Blunavy to reach Elba island.  

Come raggiungere il porto di Piombino

By car: by highway E80 and continue on SS1 Aurelia exit “Venturina”. By train: arrive at Campiglia Marittima train station; the port is approximately 20 minutes far by bus.

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