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Piraeus is a Greek city situated approximately 10 kilometers far from Athens. The importance of the ports has deep roots, since ancient Greece, when became the port of classic Athens, helping the military and economic development. Pireo is a natural port, with many inlets, and crossroad for the ferries that connects it to the Greek islands. It is the first Greek port for number of passengers. From a touristic point of view, there are different interesting highlights: the Archaeological Museum of Pireo, the Pinacoteca comunale, the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, the Caverns of Aretusa and the Greek Maritime museum. Port of Piraeus arrivals and departures: Chania, Anafi, Kassos, Heraklio, Sitia, Santorini, Rodi, Chalki, Diafani, Karphatos, Milos. The sailing companies operating from and to Pireo are: Anek Lines and Blue Star Ferries.

Come raggiungere il porto di Piraeus

By car: road E091, following signs to the port. By plane: International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos of Athens and bus to the port. By bus: metro Ysap.

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