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Portoferraio, in the region of Livorno, is the biggest and most populated city of Elba island. The city was founded by Cosimo dei Medici, who commissioned a fortress city to defend the Tuscan coastline. Crossing the little roads of the old town, inside the city’s wall, there is Villa dei Mulini, where the emperor Napoleon lived during his exile in the island. The port, equipped and completely functioning since the creation of the city, is nowadays a modern port but one tradition still lives: is the only Italian port where you stay on the left side of the road for both entering and exiting the port. Port of Portoferraio departures and arrivals: Piombino. Sailing companies operating from and to Portoferraio are Moby Lines, BluNavy, Corsica Sardinia Ferries and Toremar.

Come raggiungere il porto di Portoferraio

By car: SP24 or SP26 and follow signs towards the port.

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