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Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura, in the region of Sassari, is the last city in the north of Sardinia, excluding islands. Santa Teresa is separated from the southern coast of Corsica by the Strait of Bonifacio; in the most narrow point of the seas, the distance between Santa Teresa and Capo Pertusato is only 11 miles. The port was already important in Roman era, mainly for commercial traffics but most of all for the granite shipments sailing towards Rome. After Saracen invasions and the destruction of the manor house by Genoese, pirates, bandits and smugglers gathered there. Santa Teresa di Gallura is a very popular touristic resort; tourists are in love with the turquoise sea, the archaeological complex of Lu Brandali e tower of Longosardo. Nowadays, the port’s main activity is tourism. Port of Santa Teresa di Gallura departures and arrivals: Bonifacio. Sailing companies operating from and to Santa Teresa di Gallura are Moby Lines and BluNavy. 

Come raggiungere il porto di Santa Teresa Gallura

By car: once arrived in town, follow signs to reach port. By plane: Alghero airport. By bus: Arst bus service.

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