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Algerie Ferries

The Compagnia Algerie Ferries is an Algerian navigation company connecting Algeria to France, Italy and Spain, in partnership with the French company SNCM.
Algerie Ferries was established by ENT MV (Enterprise Nationale de Transport Maritime de Voyageurs) in 1987 and now, with its 4 ferries, crosses the sea 900 times a year.
You will be welcomed on board the Algerie Ferries ferries by an efficient serviced offered by trained crew members and personnel who will support and guide the passengers during their journey. The company offers a wide range of services, including different restaurants, duty-free shops, TV rooms, relaxing/tanning areas, and outdoor cafes offering any types of drinks. On every ferry there is also constant entertainment with TVs and evening shows. The accommodation on board varies and goes from luxury cabins, to economy cabins to comfortable armchairs located in specific halls.

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