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Caronte & Tourist

Caronte & Tourist has been in charge of private ferries crossing the Messina Strait for the last 40 years.
The competition between Caronte Spa and Tourist Ferry Boat Spa starts on 19th July 1965, when the vessel Marina di Scilla crosses the Strait for the first time, connecting the ports of Messina and Reggio Calabria as an alternative to the train.
After the acknowledged success of the route from Messina to Salerno, established throughout the years thanks to the quality and timeliness of the service and the comfort of the ships, in November 2010 Caronte & Tourist Spa launched a new route from Salerno to Termini-Imerese, a route that represented a further upgrade for the company in the field of maritime transportation; that is because this route amplified the connections of Autostrade d’Amare whose vessels, since the end on 2010, have also reached the western side of Sicily.

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