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Grimaldi Lines

Grimaldi Lines, founded in 2000, is a navigation company operating in the maritime field for the transportation of passengers. It is part of the Grimaldi Group, an Italian shipping company founded in Palermo in 1947 by the Grimaldi Brothers and  started in the cargo transportation field.
The company is now strongly established in the international maritime sector of passenger transportation. Its strengths are: its state-of-the-art vessels that are comfortable, fast and safe; departures guaranteed all year round; the right atmosphere to welcome passengers; competitive prices for all passengers including those who want to travel low-cost; interesting destinations from a touristic, religious and cultural point of view; the organization of “theme-cruises”, especially for the route going from Civitavecchia to Barcelona.
Grimaldi has been the first Italian Navigation company to obtain the Certification of Quality ISO9001 and a Certificate ISO 14001 (environment). Moreover, in 2009 the Grimaldi Group won the first edition of the Lloyd’s List Global Awards for the “Cruise & Ferry” category, an award created to fully appreciate and support the greatest achievements in the maritime sector worldwide.

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