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Founded by Achille Onorato in Naples in 1959, Moby started with small ferries on routes to/from La Maddalena and Elba Island. Today, it connects Sardinia, Corsica, Elba Island with ferries from Genoa, Livorno, Civitavecchia and Piombino. Moby is currently lead by Vincenzo Onorato, president and representative of the fourth generation of the family, and Daniela Onorato, CEO and main shareholder of the company. The leadership and administration of the company was left to Daniela and Vincenzo by their dad Achille, that first introduced Moby’s shares on the market.
Moby also increased its fame when they started to paint on the sides of their ferries the company logo: a giant smiling blue whale that decorates the vessel from bow to stern. The company then also started painting on their ferries other holiday-themed subjects, such as islands and surfers; moreover, thanks to a  deal with Warner Bros, Moby also started painting on their vessels Looney Tunes characters, a peculiarity that greatly increased the fame of the company and made the company marketing campaign stand out.

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