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Snav is the most important navigation company in the Mediterranean, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe journey to and from the destinations reached by its vessels.
Snav’s routes connect Naples and the Gulf Islands every day, all year round, with the regularity and timeliness of urban transportation; they also connect Ancona to Spalato from March to November, reaching the most fascinating coasts and cities in Croatia, and Naples to the charming Aeolian Islands from May to September. The Snav fleet is made out of 21 vessels (including hydrofoils, catamarans and high-speed ships) that always guarantee a smooth and fast navigation. Captains, officers and on-board crew are selected among the most experienced and reliable people. The maintenance of the vessels is carried out daily, both in port and at sea, to guarantee the safety that only big fleets can boast.
On the cruise ferries transporting passengers to and from Croatia, at a very convenient price it is possible to taste culinary specialties of the Mediterranean cuisine, comfortably sitting at the tables of the Self-Service Restaurant.
With Snav, you reach your favourite destinations at the most convenient prices.

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