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Trasmediterranea Acciona

Acciona Transmediterranea is the first and most important Spanish ferry company, based in Madrid. Thanks to its modern fleet of 25 vessels (including ferries, high-speed ships and cargo ships), it connects Spain to the Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. Moreover, it offers connections to Morocco and Algeria, owning private terminals in the ports of Barcelona, Valencia, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Cadiz.
Based in Barcelona, the Trasmediterranea company was established in 1916 and started its activity the following year with a fleet of 45 vessels. In 1978 it became a national company, until its privatization in 2002, when it was sold to a consortium whose main shareholder is Acciona Logistica. In 1996 the company received the Certification of Quality ISO 9001 and in 2003 started its activity as Trasmediterranea Cargo, the branch of the company that manages the transportation of cargo by sea.
Despite this field has been liberalised in 1998, Acciona Trasmediterranea keeps its position as main actor in the transportation by sea from Spain to the islands and North Africa.

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