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The New TTT Lines Srl is established on 9th April 2015, a product of the entrepreneurial foresight of two different groups: Caronte & Tourist Spa and Tomasos Transport & Tourism Spa.
Every day, modern and comfortable ferries connect not only the two volcano cities (Naples to Catania) but also Salerno to Messina, guaranteeing the connection of the best part of central-southern Italy and representing the best and most comfortable option to the already existing ferries companies and to the obsolete motorway network of Southern Italy. Autostrade d’Amare become, for this reason, more and more popular.
The TTT Lines vessels offer the following services on board: café, self-service restaurant, shops, comfortable cabins for the journey, on-board camping options, children area, chair rooms, TVs and halls to host events, as nowadays ferries are not only important means of transportation but also ideal locations to host events.

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